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I provide bespoke occupational therapy services primarily in the Bristol, North Somerset and Gloucestershire areas in a wide variety of settings.

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In the Home

As a mobile therapist, I travel to your home with my assessment toolkits and equipment to carry out treatment sessions. One of the benefits of working in this environment is that it puts the child or young person at ease by being in familiar and safe surroundings.

It also provides me with a clear picture of where certain activities of daily living are carried out and how best to orchestrate the environment so that function is maximised. I am able to loan equipment out for trial so that families can decide whether it is effective and worthwhile to purchase. I support parents/carers who home-school their child(ren) by providing treatment at home as well as strategies to support home-learning.
If there is a parental/carer preference, follow-up sessions can be done online (e.g. Zoom platform)

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Preschools / Nurseries

I have visited children in the pre-school settings to carry out assessments and observations of skills. By seeing this learning environment, I can make appropriate recommendations to staff members working with the child as well as advise on equipment that might be useful. I also provide in-service training to staff if there is a specific area that they would like covered such as “how to develop fine motor skills”.

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Mainstream Settings

I have worked in several mainstream educational settings, including The Downs School in Wraxall, Golden Valley Primary School, Flax Bourton Church of England School, Nailsea Comprehensive School, Portishead Primary School, East Brent Church of England Academy, Birchgrove Primary School, Emersons Green Primary School, Birdwell Primary School, Northleaze Church of England Primary School, Weston College and Wiltshire College.

If a pupil is in receipt of top up funding, this can possibly be used to cover the cost of an OT assessment and/or treatment sessions.

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Specialist Schools

I have worked with students in several specialist provision settings, including Milestone School, Betteridge School, Vale of Evesham School, Vranch School, Fosse Way School, Three Ways School, Selworthy Special School and Ruskin Mill College.

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Local Authorities

I am at times contacted directly by a Local Authority to carry out an assessment or to provide treatment for a child. I have done this for Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset Local Authorities.

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