Who I Work With

As a paediatric Occupational Therapist, I work hard to maintain a close relationship with the child, parent(s)/carer(s), school/educational facility and any other external agencies that might be involved with the child (e.g. NHS therapists, Consultants, Case Managers, Solicitors, Reps from Specialist Equipment Companies, etc.). I communicate effectively and promptly with everyone I work with.

Where I Work
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Clients I Work With

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Teachers / Special Educators

I liaise directly with Headteachers, Teachers, Tutors and High Level Teaching Assistants within the school to ensure that they are in agreement with the service I am providing. I contribute to and attend IEP and Annual Review Meetings. I maintain open communication between school and home so that everyone is aware of what has taken place during sessions. I design activity programmes for children and train educators on how to carry these out within the school setting.

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Parents / Carers

I work with parents and carers to answer questions and to develop bespoke treatment plans that target areas of weakness. I can support and assist in the process of applying for Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCPs) as well as attend Tribunals or meetings with the Local Authority.

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Case Managers

I have a good working relationship with several Case Managers. I communicate in a timely fashion, maintain high professional standards in the quality of care that I provide and record detailed information in reports and session notes. I also provide Moving & Handling training to home care staff.

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I provide detailed reports for the EHCP process where I am clear in how I identify the OT needs of the young person as well as the provision to meet these needs. The outcomes that I develop are also clear and relate to SMART goals.

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Local Authorities

I write reports for EHCPs, attend annual reviews and carry out the provision outlined in a student’s EHCP at the request of the Local Authority within the school setting.

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Specialist Equipment Companies

I arrange demonstrations and visits from Specialist Equipment companies for items such as mobile or ceiling track hoist, profiling beds, slings, bathing aids, moulded seating, equipment for a sensory space/room, etc.

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