Does your child often shake out their hand after only a few minutes of writing or drawing?

Does their grasp seem weak?

Are they pressing very hard on their pencil or pen?

Do they need help to open up food packaging?

These difficulties are likely due to reduced strength in the hands. Here are some easy ways to improve it that can be incorporated into your daily activities:

  • fill a spray bottle with water and use it to water indoor/outdoor plants, on a table, mirrors, windows, etc.
  • crumple up pieces of paper before putting them in the recycling bin
  • use sponges of various size in the sink or bath to squeeze out as much water as possible
  • kitchen tasks such as kneading, stirring and whisking are great ways to work the muscles of the hand
  • use tongs or tweezers in games or to collect items (e.g. Operation, Avalanche, pick up cotton wool, etc.)
  • use a hand-held hole puncher
  • manipulate resistive clay such as theraputty (available from multiple online stores) where your child can roll, pinch, squeeze, flatten, stretch and pull. This type of putty comes in different colours, which is motivating to a child since they can work their way up to a more challenging resistance.